ChatGPT and the summary

Exploratory short study on the quality and control of summaries

Photographic proof of the chats:

Essence of the summary

Context of history, policy, science, information processing and AI

Not summarizable

Steering from the past


Advanced techniques, etc.

Set of variants:

Variant 1a

Variant 1b

Variant 1c

Variant 1d

Variant 1e

Variant 1f

Variant 1g

Variant 1h

Variant 2a

Variant 2b

Variant 2c

Variant 2d

Variant 2e

Variant 2f

Variant 2g

Variant 2h

Variant 2i

Variant 2j

Variant 2k

Variant 2l

Variant 2m

Variant 2n

Variant 3

Variant 4a

Variant 4b

Variant 5a

Variant 5b

Variant 6

Variant 7

Variant 8

Variant 9a

Variant 9b